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Rp 105,000

  • Membantu meningkatkan nutrisi kulit.
  • Membantu menstimulasi pembentukan sel-sel baru secara optimal.
  • Membantu meningkatkan kelembaban kulit.
  • Membantu memperbaiki tekstur kulit.
  • Membantu meningkatkan elastisitas kulit.
  • Membantu memudarkan bintik-bintik gelap, garis-garis halus, dan kerutan di kulit.
  • Membantu melindungi kulit dari radikal bebas.
  • Formula yang ringan dan nyaman.

Beauty grows in nature. Something precious, something pure. We value earth by gathering only the finest ingredients. For our beloved people, from our beloved earth. Beauty comes by staying true to yourself as simply as being modest and unique showing how special you areWe value that the greatest love starts from loving who you are Beauty creates stories where your sincere smile lightens up people's life and your creativity creates remarkable moments for others We value life by inspiring people, by changing lives Embracing the gift of earth loving yourself the way you are for an inspiring life today and years ahead Wardah is how these three beautiful value meets: Earth, Love, Life