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Pack Content (2)    
  • Calendula Soothing Gel (Mini Size)

    Skin Dewi

    Calendula Soothing Gel (Mini Size)


    Size - 5 gr

  • Hazelnut Balancing Cleansing Milk (Mini Size)

    Skin Dewi

    Hazelnut Balancing Cleansing Milk (Mini Size)


    Size - 10 gr

Bundle ini terdiri dari : 

  • Calendula Soothing Gel (Mini Size)
  • Hazelnut Balancing Cleansing Milk Mini

At Skin Dewi, we are proud advocates for natural and gentle beauty solutions that deliver great quality and high performance. We have made it our personal goal to not only provides, but to inspire and promote the formulations of pure, nontoxic and high performance product that delivers results. We believe that each ingredient on the label should achieve targeted results without compromising on quality.

With that vision in mind, our products and workshops are realized to help you make more educated and accurate beauty choices. We will show you how to push away the grey clouds of ambiguity in products and tune out the marketing noise, to find and reveal the true and genuine answers to your skin problems.

Just like the quietly elegant Jasmine flower we have chosen to represent us, Skin Dewi upholds and believes in beauty that is pure, simple and sincere.


Our philosophy: Life Changing Beautiful

Lives change when skin change. Skin Dewi’s goal is to empower you with the knowledge and means to change your life by changing your skin. A life-changing skin is beautifully healthy skin that blooms with quiet luminance, and is so firmly and remarkably uplifting that a natural confidence will radiate through your whole attitude, your full being, to your entire life.

Skin Dewi also focuses on beauty holistically. Beauty comes from the inside out. It is crucial to look at what’s inside so that it can projected out.

Our difference: We help you help yourselves. Rather than focusing on selling you things that were made behind closed doors, Skin Dewi aims instead to share and transfer to you directly, skincare knowledge that has been distilled from years of experience and education. Now, the baton of decision-making will be passed into your hands. We teach you what we know. You decide what’s best for you.