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Buat kulit wajah lebih cerah alami dengan Original Loose Foundation. 

Bedak foundation tabur yang memiliki tekstur yang sangat ringan dan lembut mampu menutupi pori pori dengan sempurna dan menjadikan make up tahan lama sepanjang hari. Ekstrak Adansonia yang terkandung di dalamnya berfungsi untuk melembabkan kulit wajah.

Cara Penggunaan :

Aplikasikan pada wajah dengan menggunakan kuas khusus

MINERAL BOTANICA COSMETICS, a line of innovative decorative and skin care products originally developed in Los Angeles, California.  With growing awareness of dangers of cosmetics laced with unsafe and potentially harmful ingredients to human and environment, we have decided to formulate our products using, wherever possible, healthier alternatives. The advancement of science and technology overall have allowed for previously impossible methods of production be made possible.

With that in mind, we have set the course for producing cosmetics that are not only safe to use but can be beneficial to our users. First, we eliminated many chemicals that are deemed to be unsafe for use. Next we went on a quest to find extracts, essential oils and naturally derived ingredients that have unique properties, things with restorative effects and benefits to its user.

MINERAL BOTANICA products are developed with highest quality ingredients, and more importantly free of harmful preservatives and chemicals. All products are manufactured under the strictest quality control in a CPKB (Indonesian Good Manufacturing Practice Equivalent) certified facility. All products undergo stability testing that exceeds BPOM (Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control) guidelines and go through invitro and on skin testing. Product performance testing are done using efficacy tests to ensure they work as claimed.

MINERAL BOTANICA, where beauty knows no boundaries.

PRODUK LAIN DARI Mineral Botanica

Mineral Botanica

Highlight And Contour

Rp 89,900

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Mineral Botanica

Acne Care Toner

Rp 28,900


Mineral Botanica

Face Mist

Rp 43,900


Mineral Botanica

Original Loose Foundation

Rp 71,900

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Mineral Botanica

Lip Cheek Eye Wundercream

Rp 59,920 -
Rp 67,410

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Mineral Botanica

Ultra Pigment Matte Liquid Lipstick

Rp 134,900

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Mineral Botanica

Acne Care Cleansing Milk

Rp 29,900


Mineral Botanica

Clarifying Cream

Rp 49,900


Mineral Botanica

Sugar Lip Scrub Intensive Care

Rp 43,800


Mineral Botanica

Brightening Face Serum

Rp 95,900