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Rp 14,000

Alat bantu untuk membersihkan muka berbentuk jaring. Berfungsi membersihkan wajah secara menyeluruh dan lebih maksimal.



Ambil sabun muka favorit anda. Lalu masukan sabun ke dalam Foaming Net dan mulai gosok perlahan hingga terbentuk foam atau busa. Usapkan keseluruh wajah secara merata. Bilas hingga bersih.

Based on 'Seeking True Beauty' philosophy, MENARD was created after the beauty of Greek Goddess, Maenad,  in November 1959 by Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co.,Ltd. Menard amidst an increasing need for beauty among women with the desire to assist each individual customer to enhance their beauty and to contribute to the community and society through cosmetics. Born in France and raised in Japan, Menard has expanded the business to a total of 24 countries around the world. Menard special focus on research & development on nearly medical level, its insistence on high quality and counselling, and its suggestions tailored to each individual customer are expressions of its desire to contribute to the beauty of its customers.Through advanced technology and strict quality control, all of Menard products are used by people around the world, continue its path as a company which proposes a "beautiful life".