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Rp 560,000

Snail Collagen Masque adalah masker yang mengandung lendir siput yang kaya akan vitamin  dan mineral yang dapat memperbaiki rambut agar lebih sehat, berkilau, mudah diatur, tampak bervolume. Sangat cocok untuk rambut kering dan rusak.

- Melembabkan rambut kering dan rusak

- Mencegah rambut bercabang

- Helaian rambut menjadi sangat lembut dan berkilau


How To Use

Aplikasikan secukupnya dari akar hingga ujung rambut. Diamkan 15-30 menit dan bilas dengan air bersih


Furatasse is made by an expert hair, stylist, creatives who have a same mission to create a professional hair care line focused on scalp care for beautifying problem hair and skin care by a modern application. 

Furatasse hair care has contain clinically proven solutions that suits in all hair types and women of all ages. Furatasse transforms your tresses,combat your hair loss, moisturize your scalp, thicker, and nourished strands. The proven treatment contains Stem cells which has been protect and support to delay preliminary aging. Furatasse not only offering you a line of hair products but to have a positive impact on people’s lives.