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Dengan desain French yang cantik dan limited edition. Bulu sikat penuh dengan ukuran 9 inch terbuat dari nilon Intelliflex yang lembut tapi mampu menguraikan rambut kusut. 100% bulu intelliflex membantu mengatasi minyak alami pada rambut Anda. Dapat digunakan pada kulit kepala yang paling sensitif dan rambut tipis sekalipun. Dirancang untuk mengurai rambut kusut dan meminimalkan kerusakan rambut.

Cara Penggunaan:
Sisir rambutmu dengan lembut.

For centuries, people have been tearing their hair out trying to find a better way to untangle it.

But whether they brushed, picked, or combed it, they continued to snag and break their hair, making children cry and adults cry and curse. 

Then we invented the miraculous Wet Brush

With its unique IntelliFlex™ bristles, the Wet Brush runs effortlessly through hair, detangling without pulling or tugging. There’s no pain, no tears–whether the hair is wet from the shower or dry; curly or straight; thick or fine. Finally, the tears (and curses) stopped. 

When we saw how people loved our Wet Brush (check out some of the videos on YouTube), we created other innovative new products like the Shine Brush, the Hot Brush, and the Blo Brush. We also added cool new colors and styles to the Wet Brush line, filled out the Professional Collection with other tools, and even added a Wet Brush for men.

And just like the original Wet Brush, every product that comes from our brand makes it easier and more fun for you to create beautiful, shinier, healthier hair.