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Pure Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil

Lavender, in it’s purest Essential Oil form, has a slightly sweet floral - camphor infused scent with pine high notes and balsamic undertones. Used in aromatherapy to relieve muscle spasms and stimulate circulation, Lavender’s most common medical uses include relief of stress, anxiety, insomnia, agitation and moderate post-operative pain. For topical treatment Lavender is a wonderful wound and burn healer with natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties

Utama Spice is a traditional skincare company based in Ubud, Bali. We focus on applying ancient Balinese herbal knowledge to create products that not only enhance your skin’s natural beauty but also provokes your mind to consider the raw power and beauty of nature. We do this by using only 100% pure natural ingredients. We got our start in 1989 when Dayu Suci and Melanie Templer saw a need to retain Bali’s amazing herbal knowledge and traditions. This knowledge was being quickly lost with the advent of modern products containing dangerous chemicals. As the demand for traditional remedies declined, the herbs and spices used in these remedies were too quickly being lost further perpetuating the cycle.

Dayu, with her extensive knowledge of traditional Balinese remedies, and Melanie, with her never ending quest to discover the wonders of the natural world, quickly rediscovered the amazing benefits of essential oils and other natural ingredients. They started making their remedies by hand for their loved ones. We have continued their passion today in the hope of sharing their discoveries with you and your loved ones.


Utama Spice

Lip Balm Peppermint

Rp 16,500


Utama Spice

Castor Oil

Rp 38,500

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Utama Spice

Essential Oils Lavender 10ml

Rp 67,500

Utama Spice

Begone Bug

Rp 44,000


Utama Spice

Tamanu Oil

Rp 187,000

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Utama Spice

Shower Gel Mint

Rp 85,000

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Utama Spice

Essential Oils Tea Tree 10 ml

Rp 94,500


Utama Spice

Coconut Soap Selection

Rp 137,000


Utama Spice

Salt Scrub Ocean Breeze

Rp 88,000

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Utama Spice

Body Lotion

Rp 58,300 -
Rp 63,000

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