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Rp. 495,000

Cocoa butter for the body with Cocoa butter and Rose Mosqueta. For a complete anti-aging and revitalizing treatment.

A precious cream for the body that improves skin tone and firms skin tissues. Very rich in nutrients exclusively of plant origin, it efficiently fights the damaging effects of time. Rich in antioxidants, cocoa butter stimulates collagen synthesis and restores skin’s elasticity, so it looks young and firm. The combination of oils and butters with definite moisturizing and nourishing actions, combined with the excellent properties of cocoa butter, makes this product a true beauty treatment for healthy-looking and radiant skin. Mosqueta Rose oil completes the formula with its emollient, toning and revitalizing properties that fight premature aging of the skin. The cream is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky.


Apply to thoroughly cleansed, slightly damp skin and massage thoroughly until completely absorbed.

Acca Kappa was founded in Treviso, Italy by Herman Krull. In the 1980s, Acca Kappa decided to expanded their business into brand lines of luxury bath and beauty products. Acca Kappa established their first store in the United States.

The use of natural ingredients and the manufacture and use of machines especially designed for Acca Kappa helped the company produce premium good of the highest quality. This is return has resulted in Acca Kappa being recognized as an upmarket brand that is trusted by all their customers.

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Virginia Rose Cocoa Butter For The Body - Anti-aging & Revitalizing 200ml  

Virginia Rose Cocoa Butter For The Body - Anti-aging & Revitalizing 200ml  

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