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Rp. 109,000

2 pairs of Heel cushions. Clear and discreet, scented ever so slightly with Lavender, the relief is instant. Place the heel pad at the back of your shoe and press down. Reusable, wash and wear again.

Size: 2 pair


Simply peel the film off the cushion, insert it into your shoe (stick side down) in the heel area of your shoe.

Hollywood Fashion was founded by 2 woman that dedicated their lives to preventing wardrobe malfunctions, Marni and Jane. The invisible tape with tricks, fabulous extras, and litte secrets that make pulling off any fashion.

Hollywood Fashion Tape is the answer to solving all of the problem with your wardrobe. The tape is specially designed to help women feel their most confident everywhere, anytime and any occasions.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets…style solutions unseen on women everywhere!


Rating & Reviews

Elvina R
20 November 2015

Cocok buat yang sering pegel2 & sakit kakinya kalo pake heels sperti saya. Hahaha. Bikin spatu jadi empuk dan nyaman. A must have buat yg jarang2 pake heels. Kaki gak kesiksa lagi.

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Tya L
18 October 2016

Penyelamat waktu acara wedding saya. Heelsnya tinggi bangettt, tapi untung sudah nyiapin cushion ini. Masih penasaran yang velvet, waktu itu kehabisan soalnya.

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Secret Heel Cushions 2 Pairs

Secret Heel Cushions 2 Pairs

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