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Rp. 2,899,000

The Glampam is the brand that represents of hair styling perfection. As the leaders in hair styling innovation, Glampalm’s makers created the brand with one goal in mind – empowering people’s

Style. What makes Glampalm apart from every other styling iron in the market ? Glampalm products are researched, designed, and manufactured in Seoul, South Korea.

Glampalm keeps control over the quality of the products and never hand off manufacturing to third parties. By dedication to the needs of customers, every feature Glampalm invented and implemented came as a result of what customers needed.

Glampalm comes with Healing Stone™ technology. The ceramic plates are infused with Healing Stone™ using a closely guarded secret process, creating plates of superior smoothness, strength, and heating capability. 

Rating & Reviews

Ivanna A
1 March 2016

byebye bad hair day!
finally sekarang ga perlu lagi pusing sama rambut, berkat glampalm rambutku jadi lbh mudah di atur, lebih bersinar dan awet banget :*

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Made m
12 February 2016

Catokan yang membuat rambutku bener bener berkilau, tahan lama dan seneng banget ada fungsi clinic nya, jadi rambut gak rusakk deh.

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Marcella M
11 February 2016

ada harga ada rupa, setrika rambut ini bikin rambut kyk artis iklan shampoo, lurus, lembut, bercahaya, mo di setrika berkali-kali juga gak ada yg namanya bau angus. bisa buat hair care juga, jadi wkt pake masker rambut, switch ke vibrate mode, niscaya maskernya lbh terserap ehehheh

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Vibrate Hair Straightener - GP 225 AL

Vibrate Hair Straightener - GP 225 AL

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