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Kuas yang sangat cocok untuk aplikasi blush on. Bulu natural dapat mengangkat pigment lebih efektif dan membubuhi warna pada pipi anda.

The natural hair picks up a good amount of color in just one swipe, to effortlessly deposit on your skin.

Hair: Goat hair

KARIS is a beauty brand focused on providing the finest quality products inspired by passion, creativity and innovation. We uphold the highest standards in our offerings to help our customers perfect their creations.

Each design and material involved in our products are thoughtfully selected to effectively deliver the different functions. We are constantly improving and expanding our product range through continuous research and innovation.

KARIS Professional brushes are handcrafted using high quality materials, featuring chromium-plated ferrules and wooden handles that are finished with scratch-resistant coat. The brushes are made from specially engineered synthetic hair and natural hair (goat, sable and pony) depending on their functions.