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Spot Lighter 1.8 ml Pen

Rp. 425,000

Salah satu masalah yang sering dijumpai pada wanita adalah warna kulit wajah yang tidak rata akibat noda gelap yang bermunculan seiring usia yang bertambah, atau pengaruh cuaca dan kotoran saat beraktifitas. Untuk menghindarinya gunakan serum yang dapat menyamarkan noda dan warna kulit tidak merata. Bahkan dapat digunakan pada kulit dada bagian atas dan tangan, selain pada kulit wajah.



Putar ujung pena untuk mengeluarkan serum kemudian aplikasikan pada bagian yang bermasalah. Pijat dengan tangan secara perlahan agar serum meresap ke dalam kulit.



Subtilisin enzymes, Citrus-derived flavonoids, Urban Advance Complex (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar). 

SAMPAR, as of 2015 has been represented in over 1,000 select beauty locations in the world. SAMPAR was created by a man of many talents named Patrick Sounigo, after completing six years of medical studies at Cochin Hospital in Paris. Patrick decided himself to pursue his calling and make cosmetology as his main focus in 1984.

SAMPAR which means Samuel Par is the institute, one of a kind skin pampering destination that was to become a “must” in the world of beauty. SAMPAR very quickly has become set its never seen before concept: skin correctors, personally, tailored treatments of varying skin types.

SAMPAR, 1st urban cosmetics brand, believes that ‘Beauty cannot wait’ and dares the ‘double action’ unique promise: immediate visible results paired with a long term clinically proven efficacy. Dedicated to discerning women looking for smart products, SAMPAR takes skincare to a higher level of performance, enriching its groundbreaking formulas with an exclusive complex: Urban Advance.

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Spot Lighter 1.8 ml Pen

Spot Lighter 1.8 ml Pen

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