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Smooth Glow Illuminizer

Rp. 161,250

Rp. 215,000

  • Menghasilkan natural looking dengan glimmering glow yang lembut. 
  • Membuat wajah terlihat sehat bercahaya. 
  • Dapat digunakan di area wajah atau leher untuk kesan kecoklatan yang sempurna.
  • Dapat di campurkan dengan foundation untuk menghasilkan wajah yang glowing  


  • Kocok sebelum digunakan
  • Oleskan sedikit di ujung jari lalu aplikasikan di tempat yang ingin di tonjolkan untuk mendapatkan hasil yang flwless dan radiant glow

STUDIOMAKEUP is an American cosmetic brand, living with cosmopolitan style that based in Florida. Currently STUDIOMAKEUP already spread in more than 20 countries all over the world offering beauty concept with advanced technology and premium quality. Studiomakeup also design based on the glamourous and its affordable price.

STUDIOMAKEUP has been used by pro makeup artist that could easily create natural, wild, and glamour look. STUDIOMAKEUP aims to develop a makeup line that is ready to meet the needs of women to produce professional look.

It's not what's hot right now, it's what works now. STUDIOMAKEUP directs the women to become professional makeup for herself in an easy way.


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Smooth Glow Illuminizer

Smooth Glow Illuminizer

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