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Beauty Story

Romantic Pencil Creamy

Rp. 120,000

Pensil dengan tekstur lembut dan creamy yang dapat digunakan sebagai eyeshadow maupun eyeliner. Romantic Eye Pencil bebas dari kandungan mineral oil, dan parafin, mudah diaplikasikan dan tahan lama hingga 24 jam. Sangat cocok untuk tampilan from day to night Anda.



Buka wadah penutup lalu aplikasikan sebagai eyeshadow dan baurkan pada kelopak mata.


Beauty Story was inspired by young girls’ creativity and spontaneity. Beauty Story love to learn more and be positive thinking and confident with what they do. They believe in freedom of self-expression by understanding every woman is different, has her own taste and continuously express themselves by their makeup and style. Beauty Story encourages young women to express their inner beauty as well as their natural beauty.  

Our products are custom-formulated with the same ingredient used in luxury make-up, also prioritized in safety with all PARABEN FREE products, dermatology tested, and are not tested on animals. Best of all, Beauty Story products retails at affordable price. We wish our customers to enjoy and play make-up with Beauty Story, express themselves confidently and look beautiful anytime, anywhere. 


Rating & Reviews

Arini R
28 December 2015

Warnanya baguss. Pensil ini cepet banget keringnya jd aplikasiinnya musti cepet juga klo ga dia jd set. Jd menurut aku sih rada susah. Tp emang lgsng jd smudgeproof n waterproof loh. Susah ngilanginnya klo ga pake remover. Tp masih penasaran sm yg cloudy sih

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Romantic Pencil Creamy

Romantic Pencil Creamy

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