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Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Rp. 129,500

Rp. 185,000

Dr. Iaso Drawing Eyebrow Pencil merupakan pensil alis yang dirancang unik dengan bentuk segitiga agar mudah diaplikasian. Produk ini juga memiliki sikat yang berfungsi untuk membaurkan warna sehingga warna alis tampak merata. Produk ini hadir dengan refill yang berjumlah dua buah.



Rapikan alis dengan sikat terlebih dahulu. Gambar alis dimulai dari sudut dalam muka dengan sisi tebal. Lalu lanjutkan dengan sisi tipisnya hingga ke ujung alis .

IASO brand began with incorporation of the company in 2011 to address your sophisticated and proactive skin care needs. IASO also collaborate with skin experts and expertise of leading dermatologist to create the right source of the ideal skin based on the research to develop premium ingredients and evolved technology in perfect harmony.

Known for its skin calming and comforting formula, IASO is strong yet gentle, and deep yet clear variety of makeup and skin care products to deliver youthful glow and timeless beauty to skin. IASO has been clearly becoming a global brand, starting with expanding of its market into New Zealand in 2006, China in 2007, Vietnam in 2009, USA in 2010 and Singapore and Indonesia in 2012.

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Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

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