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Containing a high level of Pitera™ with unique MoistureLock Complex in fine particles that can penetrate through your makeup and lock in moisture, the SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence hydrates your skin. It also has a cooling agent which refreshes your skin at night after being exposed to environmental stress during the day.


 This lightweight miracle essence spray is quickly absorbed into the skin in fine particles, even over makeup.


Spray onto skin from a distance of about 20cm as desired, with eyes and mouth closed. Can be used over makeup.

SK-II began at a sake brewery in Japan. Scientists noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands—thanks to Pitera™, a naturally derived liquid from the sake fermentation process. Since then, SK-II with Pitera™ has become a skin secret shared by actress Cate Blanchett and women around the world—it transforms the complexion’s texture, radiance, firmness, spot control, and wrinkle resilience. A leading skincare brand for more than 30 years, SK-II continues to deliver crystal clear skin through well-loved products including the Facial Treatment Essence, Essential Power Cream, and the Cellumination Essence.

Rating & Reviews

Lita y
24 August 2016

Setelah seharian stress di kantor, wajah butuh releks, spray ini selalu aku gunakan sesaat sebelum tidur, efek mint nya bikin wajah lebih releks. Keesokan harinya bangun dengan wajah cerah dan glowing. Bye2 kulit kering :)

Diana M
30 November 2015

pertama x beli produk ini krn mnurutku ini "smart" banget... buat org yg males kayak aku, spray ini sangat membantu banget kalo lagi males pake night moisturizer :D
pertama x pake, aku rada shock sama baunya... tp memang katanya baunya bgitu, jadi ya aku tahan2in ya... besoknya muka brasa lebih gak kering sih, tapi gak semantab kalo pake serum / moisturizer...
tp aku tetep suka produk ini krn praktis banget :))

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Mid Night Miracle Essence

Mid Night Miracle Essence

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