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Cherry Blossom Hand Cream - 30 ml

Rp. 155,000

Haluskan dan lindungi tangan Anda dengan versi Cherry Blossom dari hand cream terlaris kami, Shea Butter. Formula & teksturnya yang ringan tidak berminyak di tangan dan mengandung shea butter yang membantu melembutkan dan melembapkan kulit. Diperkaya dengan ekstrak cherry asal Luberon, Provence, menjadikan kulit tangan harum lembut.



Gunakan kapan saja sepanjang hari saat dibutuhkan.

  1. Pijatkan sedikit hand cream pada bagian belakang telapak tangan Anda dengan gerakan memutar. Pijatan lembut selama 2 menit akan membuat hand cream terserap di lapisan kulit teratas dari tangan Anda, untuk kenyamanan instant.
  2. Biarkan formula hand cream bekerja di jari-jari Anda, ruas jari Anda dan di daerah kering antara jari-jari Anda.
  3. Dengan krim yang tersisa, pijat jari-jari tangan, dari bagian atas ruas jari hingga ujung kuku.


The story began in 1976, in Provence, when Olivier Baussan created L'OCCITANE. Having purchased a distillation still, he gathered some wild rosemary and extracted its essential oil. He then used this oil to make shampoos, which he sold at the local markets. One year later, L'OCCITANE harvested its first ingredient: lavender. This was followed by shea butter in 1980, verbena in 1990, and immortelle in 2002. At L'OCCITANE, every ingredient is synonymous with authenticity, respect and sensoriality.

It is these values that have guided L'OCCITANE since the very beginning. They lie behind the brand's commitments. In 2006, L'OCCITANE created its Foundation, with the mission to support the visually impaired throughout the world and promote women's entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso. Since 2008, the Sustainable Ingredients department has overseen and secured the supply of plant materials while ensuring respect for both ecosystems and producers. As for its environmental performance, L'OCCITANE is continually striving to do even more. In 2009, with a focus on eco-design, it launched its first eco-refills.

The first L'OCCITANE store opened in 1981, in Provence. The brand went on to pursue its development, opening stores in Paris (1992), followed by New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo from 1996. In 2013, L'OCCITANE had a presence in over 90 countries, with over 2,200 stores. 

Rating & Reviews

Sarah a
5 February 2016

received this on in my 1st sociolla box.. I LOVE IT!!!
non sticky hand cream with sweet flowery smell...
thank you sociolla

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Cherry Blossom Hand Cream - 30 ml

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream - 30 ml

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